Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't Be Scared, I'm a Doctor

Becoming vegan can be a daunting undertaking, or it can be an adventure. As in any adventure, you have to be prepared. In this blog, I will go through some of my favorite tools as well as items you should always have in your fridge and pantry. I will also present innovative yet simple vegan recipes that both novices and experienced cooks can put to use.

When I decided to go vegan, one of my first thoughts was “$#!*!! I can’t have that anymore?” It is true: there are many foods that you will have to give up. I’ll help you through the grieving process with some tasty alternatives to conventional dishes. I’ll also give you a handful of reasons to avoid things like ice cream, those morning sausage biscuits in your freezer, and the microwave oven you use to heat up the sausages after a long night out of barhopping.

Creating healthy, delicious vegan meals doesn’t require a fancy range top and a kitchen full of tools worthy of a Food Network chef. My girlfriend and I live in a tiny New York City studio apartment along with a couple of guinea pigs and two green-cheeked conures (a species of small parrot). Even in our miniscule kitchen, I’m able to make a good marinara sauce, stir fried veggies, and country loaves of bread.

I’m not a formally trained chef; I’m just a guy who has two decades of cooking experience and who enjoys experimenting. If I can do it, I’ll bet you can do it, too. Some recipes will take time, and you will make mistakes, but don’t be scared—it’ll be fun.

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